Mission and Vision

misija kristal


Our top priority mission is to create happy and satisfied consumers. The simplest way to achieve this is by guaranteeing quality and sincerity. Furthermore, we constantly aspire to widen our range of products and make them more accessible to a larger number of consumers in Macedonia and abroad.


PI “Blagoj Gjorev” AD Veles has a vision of becoming a modern European industry with implementation of the latest technologies in the production of healthy, safe and quality food. Our vision is to make our products accessible to a greater number of countries round the world. We would like to promote Macedonian cuisine as a natural and healthy way to prepare food for consumers on all continents.
visija krital

Ema is cooking

Ema is a lawyer by vocation, a wife and mother. She cooks and prepares food for her family with great care and love. Everybody agrees that her dishes are delicious little works of art. Her cooking is excellent, fast and healthy. Ema uses the products of the Kristal brand because she trusts their quality. Ema shares her recipes on her Facebook page – What to cook tomorrow?

90 years of tradition and quality

Top quality products and their continuous perfection is the company’s main priority because our loyal consumers deserve only the best.

Superbrands 2013/2014

Kristal is in the selected company of the strongest brands on the Macedonian market. More than 12.000 consumers and carefully selected panel of experts declared our brand a leader based on the criteria of quality, safety, diversity and emotional appeal, by applying international standards for Superbrands.

Kristal Vegetable Oil

Kristal Vegetable Oil is one of the most recognizable brands in the history of Macedonian food industry with a tradition of over 90 years. It is produced with top technology for refining oils and by using high quality sunflower seeds harvested in the Macedonian fields. Kristal is a synonym for quality.